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Artaban is an electro band from Luxembourg founded by Charles and Max Nilles.


Their first album, called “Landscapes” was released in 2008. Some critics favourably described it as a

cross between Röyksopp and Boards of Canada.

After numerous concerts (among others as support for Modeselektor, Apparat, Foals, Wax Tailor, Sebastien Tellier, M83), a multitude of remixes and collaborations for movie soundtracks, Artaban are finally back with their second album, called “Flow”.


With the support of a new third member to the band, Artaban’s second Opus bears an analog touch. Flirting at times with electro-pop, yet keeping a darker energy and sound, this evolution also translates into the addition of vocals on some tracks.


The album "Flow" was released in collaboration with the label Chez Kito Kat Records.

Charles Nilles (laptop / synth)

Max Nilles (bass / drums / synth)

Aurélie Lanners (Rhodes / flute / keyboard / synth)

Steve Gerges (Vj)


​Artaban - Aeronel Ep (YaRecords – 2007)
Artaban - Landscapes (Lp – 2008)

Artaban - Flow (Chez Kito Kat Records | Lp - 2013)



Did you d :qliq 2? (2008)
Luxembourg’s Finest vol.2 (2009)
Festival Europavox compilation (2010)
Kito Sounds 3 (2010)

Tipton Eyeworks vinylize -  frame for life (2011)

Dog Bless You - "Friends Becoming Ghosts" (2013)

Kito Sounds 6 (2014)

Sun Glitters - Vanished Moments (2014)


Actarus - Milkfloat (Artaban UHT Remix)

​Metro - I know I can never really make it up to you know (Artaban remix)

Traumkapitän – back and forth (Artaban remix)
Hal Flavin – wheel of fortune (Artaban remix)

NoDrumNoMoog - sabotage (Artaban remix)

Miaow Miaow - fourteen years (Artaban remix)

Dog Bless You - mad (Artaban remix)


Foals - Electric Bloom (Artaban remix)

Hugo Kant - so why? (Artaban remix)
Lamb - butterfly effect (Artaban remix)
Aufgang - Dulceria (Artaban Remix)
Kavinsky - Nightcall (Artaban remix)
Rebotini - The Swamp Waltz (Artaban remix)
Röyksopp - Tricky Tricky (Artaban remix)
Icebird - charmed life (Artaban remix)

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